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6 Yard Dumpster Price - Bettendorf, IA

6 Yard Dumpster

14 days free rent!

Dimensions Length 9' x Height 5' x Width 5'

Haul Rate Call

Daily Rental Charge $10 per day after 14 days

Additional Tonnage Charge $44 per ton after 2000 pounds

Doing a small junk cleanup? If you have limited space and a limited budget for a container, the 6 cubic yard container will be just right for your needs. This container will hold the equivalent of a 2 level-full pickup truck loads of waste.

10 Yard Dumpster Price - Bettendorf, IA

10 Yard Dumpster

14 days free rent!

Dimensions Length 12' x Height 3.5' x Width 8'

Haul Rate $375 for 7 day rental or $395 for 14 day rental

Daily Rental Charge $10 per day after included days

Additional Tonnage Charge $44 per ton after 2000 pounds

A favorite of homeowners, the 10 cubic yard container is often requested for spring/fall clean-ups, garage/basement cleanups, roofing tear-off, estate/junk removal. This container will hold the equivalent of 3 level-full pickup trucks of debris.

20 Yard Dumpster Price - Bettendorf, IA

20 Yard Dumpster

14 days free rent!

Dimensions Length 20' x Height 4' x Width 8'

Haul Rate $395 for 7 day rental or $445 for 14 day rental

Daily Rental Charge $10.00 per day after included days

Additional Tonnage Charge $44.00 per ton after 4000 pounds

Popular with both homeowners and builders, the 20 cubic yard container can be used for a variety of tasks ranging from estate/junk removals to new home construction. This container will also hold up to 50 squares of single-layer roofing shingle tear-off.

30 Yard Dumpster Price - Bettendorf, IA

30 Yard Dumpster

14 days free rent!

Dimensions Length 20' x Height 6' x Width 8'

Haul Rate $495 for 7 day rental or $545 for 14 day rental

Daily Rental Charge $10.00 per day after included days

Additional Tonnage Charge $44.00 per ton after 3000 pounds

Perfect for those really big projects, the 30 cubic yard container stands 6 feet tall with a rear door that opens to provide easy access for loading junk, building debris, demolition materials, etc. If you've got an enormous mess to dispose of, you'll save time and money by using this container.

Junk Removal Price - Bettendorf, IA

Junk Removal

Junk Removal
Minimum to 1 cubic yard Minimum to 1 cubic yard Starting at $60.00*
1 to 2 cubic yards 1 to 2 cubic yards Starting at $120.00*
2 to 3 cubic yards 2 to 3 cubic yards Starting at $180.00*
3 to 4 cubic yards 3 to 4 cubic yards Starting at $240.00*
  Additional yards Starting at $60.00 per cubic yard*

Perfect for couches, chairs, furniture, appliances, mattresses, etc. - we come haul it away for you! Additional charges may be incurred depending on distance traveled and other factors.

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Roll Off Dumpster Rental Prices, Sizes, Costs For Bettendorf, Iowa

When it comes to finding the right roll off dumpster rental prices, sizes, company for Bettendorf, Iowa you’re looking in the right place.  Landrum Disposal has served Bettendorf customers since 2001.  We’re located right here in beautiful Bettendorf, so our service is both prompt and reliable.  We pride ourselves on being a customer driven waste services company that concentrates on providing the highest quality service possible regardless of the size of the customer.

We concentrate on residential and small contractors for our roll off rental in the area and have served tens of thousands of customers over the years throughout the Quad City area.  Our bins come in booth small and large sizes and are shown on the web site complete with actual photos to enable you to get a good idea of which equipment best fits your needs.

There Are A Few Things You Need To Consider Prior To Calling Us

When you contact a waste contractor you’ll be asked the following:

These questions need to be answered by the customer to ensure a smooth waste removal process, so lets look at each of them.

What city are you located in?  Or better yet, what is the address you’ll need the dumpster delivered to?  We charge different haul rates for some of the outlying cities in the area, so to accurately quote you a haul rate, we need to know the city your waste is located in.  We serve six counties and literally hundreds of cities in Illinois and Iowa, but we can usually give you an instant dumpster price for any city within our service area.

What type of waste will you be disposing of in the container?  This question is asked for a few different reasons.  First, there are several waste items that cannot be disposed of in a landfill.  Yard waste, tires, appliances, liquids, chemicals, etc are just a few items that will cause a load to be rejected at the landfill.  Secondly, many waste are quite heavy and can’t be transported in large quantities without overloading the truck.  Dirt, asphalt, concrete, brick, shingles for example need to be placed in smaller 10 yard roll offs and not the larger 30 yard boxes to avoid overweight fines and accidents arising out of excessive weight.

Where do you want the container placed at your location?  Waste bins are large metal objects that require a large, hard, level surface for placement.  Study driveways, parking lots, gravel areas, etc are possible bin locations.  Some cities allow bins to be placed on side roads if parking is available and allowed.  We can usually be of assistance in determining if your city allows equipment to be placed temporarily on a public street.  Additionally, our friendly drivers can be of assistance in helping customers with bin placement options when on-site.

When do you want your roll off delivered?  If you’re starting  project that will require instant filling of a box, you might want the roll off delivered the day prior to the project being started.  This will ensure the bin is available when you need it.  Our daily rental fees are reasonable, so one or two additional days of rent shouldn’t break your project’s budget.

Some Of The Other Environmental Services Provided By Landrum Disposal

We don’t provide several of the services that our competitors provide because we like to focus on a few things and ensure we’re doing those things right.  But we do haul demolition and construction debris, recycle wood and concrete where these materials are separated.  We’re always seeking to minimize waste taken to area landfills by looking for materials that can be recycled.  Metal recycling is one of the more profitable endeavors a waste generator can engage in.  If you’re planning on generation a large quantity of metal, we’re interested in hauling it to a metal processor.

Some of the waste services we do not currently provide in Bettendorf, Iowa  are as follows:

And Then There’s Junk Removal

If you have a few items of junk that you need to have removed and hauled away, we can help.  We have a pickup truck and a crew that can remove hot tubs, carpet, refrigerators, electronics, bicycles, etc.  We’re not all that energetic, so it’s best if you can have your junk items in a truck accessible location for easy loading.  The less time we spend on site, the cheaper it can be for you.  If you have a few items of junk, don’t call a 1800 number- Call (563) 332-2555

Clean Out Your Bettendorf Home With Cheap Dumpster Rental

Realistically, most of the junk in your garage or basement belongs in the landfill.  So instead of procrastinating, have a dumpster delivered to your home and tackle that cleaning project you’ve been putting off.  The first step you’ll need to take once you’ve made the decision to rid your life of clutter, is to order a container.  Ordering that container can be easy when you do business with a local waste hauling firm.  We have the right sized equipment for your project wether you’re want ing to just toss a few waste items away or your cleaning a hoarder home.  And if you just have one or two items to toss out, we may be able to save you some cash with our junk removal service.  So what are you waiting for?  Call us at (563) 332-2555

Garbage Pick Up In Bettendorf

The City of Bettendorf provides weekly curbside waste collection for its residents living in single-family dwellings and some residents residing in multi-family dwellings.  In addition to automated garbage collection, the City also collects bulky waste, appliances, and yard waste.  Under the All In One program, the city collects co-mingled recyclables curbside in plastic carts from its residents.  Some of the Bettendorf residents opt to have every other week garbage collection or smaller carts to save money on their quarterly waste bills.

Commercial waste collection in Bettendorf is performed by the private sector.  Rear loading and front loading trash trucks empty bins in alleys and behind commercial businesses on a scheduled basis.  These arrangements are set up directly through waste haulers and business owners typically on a several year basis. 

Temporary roll off service is provided by private companies in the City.  The equipment delivered under these arrangements usually sits at residential sites or construction sites for a short term basis.

The waste generated through the above activities is usually disposed of at the Scott Area Landfill or any of the two privately operated landfills on the other side of the river.

Waste Management Construction Dumpster Rental Sizes Bettendorf, Iowa-  Renting A Roll Off In Bettendorf, Ia Has Never Been Easier

Renting a waste management roll off dumpster in Bettendorf, Iowa has never been easier, but you’ll need to consider a few things before the process agains.  Some of those things are common sense for some folks, but let’s go through them step by step for those who haven’t rented a roll off container before.

  1. Determining the volume of waste, debris, junk you’ll be wanting to toss away is the first thing you might want to think through.  This is important because dumpster sizes are plentiful beginning with 6 cubic yards continuing through 30 cubic yards or even larger.  Now once you’ve figured out what you want to toss away, you’ll need to think of the pile of debris in terms of cubic yards as roll offs are referred to in cubic yards.  A cubic yard is 36” X 36” X 36” or 27 cubic feet.  You can think of a pickup truck with a 6’ bird being able to haul 2 cubic yards of waste at one time.  So as an example, a 20 cubic yard roll off can hold roughly 10 pickup truck loads of debris.In addition to needing to determine the amount of waste you will have, you’ll also need to give some thought to what type of waste you intend to generate with your project.  maybe you’re gutting a commercial building and will have materials like dry wall, concrete, fluorescent light bulbs, etc.   Well the dry wall can easily be deposited in a rented dumpster, but the fluorescent bulbs are considered a hazardous waste and can not be landfilled.  The concrete can be landfilled, but can not be hauled in large quantities.  So if you just plan on tossing out a yard or two of the concrete, it can go into the same dumpster as the drywall.  But if you have significant quantities of concrete, you’ll need to get a separate and small dumpster to prevent the overloading of the collection trucks.  The good news is that, if you keep it clean, you can save money by having the concrete recycled.
  2. When do you need to have the roll off container delivered to your location?  Now you don’t want to have the equipment delivered too early as this might cause you to incur unnecessary daily rental.  On the other hand, if you intend to start loading your trash bin early on a Friday morning, you might want to have it delivered on a Thursday.  We can not always promise an exact time of day for delivery, but we can promise to have your dumpster delivered to Bettendorf, Iowa on a particular day.  Bottom line is that having your bin delivered a day oil advance ensures that it’s there when you want to start loading it.
  3. Finding and evaluating the local waste management dumpster rental company in Bettendorf is a necessary step.  Maybe you have a friend, neighbor, favorite contractor who you can ask about the local trash haulers.    You could always dust off the phone book and look in it for garbage collection companies, if you can find that book/directory.  And then there’s the internet- A place to find both local garbage collection companies, nation wide waste giants, and internet waste brokers.Bettendorf, Iowa has some nation-wide waste companies who serve residential and commercial accounts in the area.  They generally do a good job with large accounts, but might not bend over backwards to assist a one-time dumpster rental customer.  Also, you might have to phone an out-of-town call center and explain to them a whole bunch of times whee you live to get a bin ordered.  The internet brokers are pretty much a waste of time and money- They don’t have the trucks or dumpsters to fill your order.  So they pretty much take orders from folks who believe they’re dealing with a local company, tack on a whole lot of money to the local dumpster price, and then subcontract the delivery to a local garbage collection company.  The problem, in addition to paying an unnecessary middle man fee, is that your specific requests often get lost in the interaction and you don’t get exactly what you have originally asked for.( i.e. delivery time, correct size bin, correct on-site placement of the bin, etc)So then theres the local Bettendorf, Iowa dumpster rental companies.  These are the folks, like Landrum Disposal, who have served your city for years, employ local drivers, have the right size dumpster rental for you.  And as an added bonus, when you order a trash container from them, your money gets recirculated back into the community in which you live, creating prosperity for all.
  4. Understanding local dumpster rental prices in Bettendorf, Ia is important to0 ensure you’re not surprised when you get the bill and your project budget is achieved.  So lets look at the following specific charges that are associated with dumpster rental in Bettendorf, Iowa:

* Additional charges will also be levied for those items/materials which need special disposal/processing such as electronic waste, appliances, tires, etc. Our fees are based on junk materials being placed in a truck accessible area, time to load being less than 10 minutes per cubic yard, and waste weighing less than 250 pounds per cubic yard. Extra fees will be charged in Quad Cities if waste is heavy (dirt, gravel, shingles, concrete, block etc.) or if waste is not in a truck accessible area or difficult to handle/load, resulting in excess time to load.