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Level Full Dumpsters Enhance Safety In Quad Cities

Overloaded Dumpsters- A Safety Issue For Everyone!

Dumpster rental in the Quad City area isn’t cheap so there is a tendency for waste generators to get the most for their money by over filling their rented dumpsters in Moline, Bettendorf, Davenport, etc.   The problem is that overloaded bins pose a safety issue for everyone involved from the individual who fills the container over its sides to the motorists who are put at risk from falling debris.  Consider the following safety issues associated with overloaded containers:

  • Debris loaded over the top or sides of a rented dumpster can slide off during the period when collection truck loads the bin.  This falling waste can cause injury or damage to persons or property.
  • Overloaded containers are often times are too heavy for roll off trucks to load and cause cables and other hydraulic components to fail/snap.  When the equipment fails to safely load heavy waste containers, damage can be done to customer property or City of Moline, Illinois property.
  • Overloaded dumpsters in Bettendorf, Iowa can cause collection trucks to become too heavy to legally use area roads and highways because of Department of Transportation weight restrictions.
  • Waste materials loaded over the top of a waste bin can slide off during transport creating a dangerous situation for all motorists.  Debris can strike other vehicles or land on roads or highways and become unsafe obstacles and road hazards
  • Waste exceeding the posted maximum allowable tonnage must be unloaded by customer.
  •  Illinois and Iowa have rules regarding height restrictions on all vehicles using public roads.


So it’s best to follow signage and safety rules displayed on all dumpsters to ensure safety for you, our employees, and the general public.  We’re obsessed with safety and as a small waste company we’re always concerned about the safety of others in the community in which we operate.  We pride ourselves on being a conscientious Quad Cities business and we care about our reputation and safety record.

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