Dumpster Rental Bettendorf, Iowa- How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Dumpster?

dumpster Bettendorf, Iowa

Level Full Dumpsters Enhance Safety In Quad Cities

Yes, Bettendorf, Iowa Dumpster Rental Has Been Made Easier

If you live in Bettendorf, Iowa and need to rid your life of clutter, we have some good news for you.  We have delivered roll off containers to your city for nearly two decades now and we’re pleased to say that our customers have been surprised by our reliable waste management services.  Folks always ask us “what does it cost to rent a dumpster in Bettendorf, Iowa”? We the cost or price to rent a dumpster depends on several factors:


-What type of waste will you be putting in your dumpster?  Heavy materials such as brick, asphalt shingles, dirt, etc cost more to dump at the landfill because the landfills charge by the weight of the debris.  Some loads are cheaper because the contents can be recycled such as clean concrete or scrap metal.  Light and loose household junk can be landfilled, but is relatively inexpensive compared to construction waste.

-How long will you be needing to have a dumpster at your Bettendorf site?  Rental charges sometimes include a certain number of days of rent, but after a week or two, usually companies begin to charge a daily rental fee fro the number of days a customer exceeds the included number of days.  Daily rental fees can be avoided or lessened by calling your dumpster as soon as you’re finished using it.

-The location of your project and the distance to the landfill from that location may also effect your charges.  The Quad Cities has three landfills that are located in East Moline, Milan, and Buffalo.  The further your project is fro these three sites may effect your haul charges because increased travel distances for trucks mean increased time and costs.


There’s no need to continue on with the text about dumpster rental costs in Bettendorf, Iowa when you can just call and get a further explanation (563) 332-2555

Dumpster Rental Bettendorf, Iowa

dumpster rental bettendorf

Bettendorf Dumpster Rental


Dumpster Rental In Bettendorf, Iowa Is Easy

Dumpster rental in Bettendorf, Iowa, home of the Bettendorf Bulldogs, Best Plex, The Bettendorf Family Museum, Isle Casino Hotel, and Middle Park, is easy when you contact a local waste management company.  Landrum Disposal has served Bettendorf, Iowa residents and business since 2001.  During that time, we have delivered over 30,000 dumpsters to Bettendorf and Quad Cities residents and contractors.  The internet can be an easy way to find dumpster rental companies, but it can also be deceptive as you might not be dealing with a local garbage hauling business when you find things on Google.

Landrum Disposal rents 10 yard dumpsters for roofing crews tearing off up to 20 squares of single-layer asphalt shingles.  The ten yard box is also a good size for spring or fall cleaning.  If you plan to remove a concrete sidewalk or driveway, this is the right size dumpster for you and if you keep the load clean, we might ba able too save you some money on landfill disposal.

The next size dumpster is the 20 cubic yard size which can hold up to 40 squares of single-layer asphalt shingles.  The 20 yarder is the size of choice for homebuilders as it’s big enough to handle their debris, but short enough to be loaded by their numerous contractors who would be working on the new home construction.

The 30 yard dumpster is our largest size and can be ideal for hoarder home clean-outs, commercial business or industrial locations in Bettendorf, Iowa.  This size container towers over six feet high and is a full 20 feet in length.  When looked at on a per-cubic-yard basis, this size is actually represents the best value-for-money option for handling large quantities of relatively light bulky junk.

Landrum disposal, the Quad Cities leading roll off dumpster service, would appreciate discussing your next project with you.  call us at(563) 332-2555

Picking the Correct Dumpster Size For Your Bettendorf, Iowa Project

dumpster rental Quad Cities

Big Dumpster Davenport, Iowa

Packing 25 yards of garbage in your 20 cubic yard roll off box in the Quad Cities will not work.  And may end up actually costing you more

Understanding dumpster sizes for your Davenport, Iowa project, knowing their measurements, and selecting the correct size roll off for your project is paramount.  Roll off dumpsters typically come in 10, 20, 30 cubic yard sizes with the actual height and length varying slightly between different manufacturers.  A cubic yard is 3 feet, by three feet, by three feet and you can get about two cubic yards of material in a level 8′ pickup truck bed.  If you measure your waste pile by feet, taking the height width and length of the pile and dividing by 27, you’ll have a rough idea of the volume of your material in cubic yards.


What size dumpster should I use in Davenport, Iowa?

First lets take a look at what fits in a 10 cubic yard container.  You can get 20 squares of single layer asphalt shingles in this size box.  Basement or garage clean outs often are ideal for this size.  A 250 sq. ft. deck may fit into the 10 if you cut it up and load it efficiently.  And small kitchen or bathroom remodels usually fit in this size.

20 cubic yard box holds 40 squares of roofing, home remodel projects, up to 400 sq. ft. of deck material, and is capable of handling carpet removal for several rooms in a home.  This size is a favorite of homebuilders and usually gets emptied about 5 times to build the average new home.

The 30 cubic yard size roll off is just right for major Davenport, Iowa remodels, garage demolition, and hoarder home clean-outs.  This size is actually the most cost effective size when evaluated on a per-cubic-yard cost analysis.  If you’re disposing of large quantities of bulky waste in LeClaire, Iowa, this might be the right size bin for you.


Renting a dumpster which is too small can be a costly mistake in Eldridge, Iowa

My father used to have an analogy about stuffing 10 pounds of material into a 5 pound bag.  Well he actually didn’t use the term “material”, but you get the picture- You need to order a container which requires the fewest trips to the landfill without being unsafe or overloaded.  It might be tempting to fill your rented dumpster over the sides to reduce your costs, but the overloaded bin could cause serious damage to motorists and property when being transported down the highway.  So do us all a favor and order a bin of sufficient size in the first place for your Quad City waste project.

Dumpster Rental Muscatine, Iowa- Renting a big or small dumpster in Muscatine doesn’t have to be difficult.

dumpster rental Muscatine, Iowa

Big Dumpster Muscatine, Iowa


Renting a dumpster in Muscatine, Iowa is easy

When you contact Landrum Disposal, renting a big or small dumpster in Muscatine, Iowa is easy.  We’re a locally owned and operated waste management company with the expertise you and your project needs to ensure waste removal doesn’t become a problem.  We’ve serve local waste management needs in Muscatine for nearly two decades and have had repeat customers due to the quality of our service.  Some of the waste management services in Muscatine that we provide are roll off dumpster rental and loose junk removal.  There are other waste services which are done by others such as sanitary landfill, waste transfer station, residential curbside collection of garbage, commercial waste collection, residential waste and recycling, etc.

Muscatine, Iowa, home of the Pine Creek Grist Mill, Muscatine History and Industry Center, Muscatine ArtCenter, Weed Park, Wildcat Den State Park, and employers such as HNI, SSAB, Monsanto, Heinz, Musco Lighting, etc, generates a fair amount of waste.  And that waste must be managed through collection, transfer, recycling, and landfilling.  Landrum Disposal is just one piece the waste management puzzle in Muscatine, but we believe in doing our part and doing it right.  So if you’re having issues with the waste companies who aren’t reliable or maybe just get a little greedy when it comes to your monthly garbage fees, maybe you should call us at (563) 332-2555.

Big Dumpster Rental Davenport or Bettendorf, Iowa

dumpster rental Davenport Iowa

Big Dumpster Davenport, Iowa

Big or Small Dumpster Rental Davenport, Iowa

Wether you’re looking for a big dumpster or a small dumpster in Davenport, Iowa, home of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport West Falcons, St Ambrose University, Kimberly Road, North Brady, etc, you’ve come to the right place.  Landrum Disposal has rented dumpsters in Davenport and the entire Quad Cities for nearly two decades now.  And during that time we’ve  become the area’s premier roll off service provider for commercial and residential customers.  Whereas some waste management companies are far from local, we understand the Quad Cities, weather, traffic patterns, clients, etc.

Bettendorf, Iowa Waste Management Company

Bettendorf, Iowa , home of the Bett Plex, Bettendorf Bulldogs, The Family Museum, Isle Casino, Duck Creek Parkway, McManus Park, etc has a need for a professional waste management company as the community generates its share of waste.  Landrum Disposal, Bettendorf’s premier dumpster rental company fills the void with its professional garbage collection and waste management services.  If you’re a resident or business owner in Bettendorf, don’t hesitate to contact us for your junk removal or roll off dumpster rental needs.

Construction Waste Dumpsters Davenport- We Service Roll Offs In Davenport, Ia

When It Comes To Construction Waste Projects In Davenport, Iowa, Landrum Disposal Is The Clear Choice

Wether it’s a roof tear-off or a strip mall renovation, if you’re doing a project in Davenport, Iowa which is expected to generate construction waste, Landrum Disposal will cater to your time schedule and needs.  Davenport Iowa is the home to many attractions like the Putnam Museum, Palmer College of Chiropractic, St Ambrose University, The River Bandits, North Park Mall, etc.  From North Brady Street to downtown Davenport, construction is always happening in Davenport and that construction generates waste and requires prompt dumpster rental and waste removal service.  Davenport Iowa dumpster rental is done right by Landrum Disposal!

So many of our local construction companies and many out-of-town contractors have had great experiences with our speedy dumpster service.  And that’s why we’ve always been the first choice of companies requiring professional waste management services.  And our service extends beyond the boundaries of Davenport- We also serve Bettendorf Iowa, home of the Bulldogs, the Best Plex, Isle of Capri casino, etc.  And we deliver dumpsters to Eldridge Iowa, Buffalo Iowa, Walcott Iowa, LeClaire Iowa, Dixon Iowa, Mc Causland Iowa, DeWitt Iowa, and Blue Grass Iowa.  On the Illinois side we provide large and small dumpsters for Quad Cities business, residents, and contractors in Moline, Illinois home of John Deere Company, The Mark, The Rock Island arsenal, .  And we also serve Rock Island Illinois, Silvis Illinois, Coal Valley, and Silvis Illinois.  So whether you need multiple dumpster rental for your new construction project or just a half a pickup truck of junk hauled away from your house, Landrum Disposal.

Rural Scott County Dumpster Rental- Dumpster Rental Eldridge, LeClaire, Buffalo, Bluegrass, Durant Iowa

Rural Scott County Dumpster Rental

Dumpster Rental LeClaire Iowa, Durant Iowa, Eldridge Iowa,  Buffalo Iowa, Bluegrass Iowa

When it comes to dumpster rental in LeClaire Iowa, Durant Iowa, Buffalo Iowa, Bluegrass Iowa, Walcott Iowa, we have you covered.  From trash dumpsters to construction dumpsters in all sizes and prices ranging from 6 cubic yards all the way up to the big 30 yard roll offs, we have your Eldridge, Iowa business or home renovation covered.  If your Le Claire business is swimming in trash, it might be time for an extensive clean up and dumpsters are a must when it comes to a thorough cleaning.

Walcott, Iowa Junk Removal

Junk removal in Walcott is a service we’ve been providing for nearly two decades.  Here are a few items we’ve removed during that time in Walcott:

*Hot tub removal Eldridge, Iowa

*Mattress disposal

*Appliance recycling in Walcott, Iowa

*Trash removal in Scott County, Iowa

*Swing set and swimming pool disassembly and removal

*Junk removal Buffalo, Iowa

*Sanitary landfill Buffalo Iowa is where residents can dispose of tires

*Electronic waste demanufacturing

*Small and large dumpster delivery in Buffalo

*Residential curbside garbage collection in rural Scott County, Iowa

So Walcott business and residents no longer have to tolerate untidy conditions, just one call to (563) 332-2555 and your junk magically disappears.

LeClaire, Iowa- A progressive Iowa city with plenty of garbage disposal options

Business in LeClaire, Iowa have many waste management options ranging from dumpster rental, junk removal, curbside garbage collection for residential waste, recycling of cardboard, landfill services provided by the Scott Area Landfill, commercial garbage collection scheduled or on call.  But LeClaire business needs to sort through this options and select the right one for them.  We’re always happy to help them make the right choice even if the solution doesn’t involve Landrum Disposal or a service which is not provided by us.  If you’re having commercial waste collection issues, call us and we can help.

Davenport, Iowa Junk Removal And Dumpster Rental- Three Ways To Decide Between Dumpster -vs- Junk Removal

junk removal Davenport, Iowa

Small dumpster -vs- junk removal in Davenport- How to decide?

Dumpster Rental In Davenport, Iowa -vs- Junk Removal-  The choice is yours

Several opportunities exist for discarding your unwanted waste in Davenport, Iowa.  The first choice, and most obvious to most folks, is renting a dumpster for Davenport, Ia waste removal jobs.  Dumpsters have a place in waste removal, renovations, roofing jobs, etc, but are they the only solution to ridding your home of unsightly waste?  Short answer, no!  Junk removal services are often overlooked as sources of waste removal, but how does the average homeowner or Davenport, Iowa business decide which is the right solution for them?  We’ll we’ll give you some ideas which may make the decision a bit easier.

Junk Removal Benefits Davenport Residents

Junk removal in Davenport, Iowa has several advantages over roll off containers.  First, a junk removal crew can load and remove items which cannot be discarded in a rented bin.  This is because the junk removal crew can separate the materials and take them to the appropriate recycling center or processing location.  Tires for example cannot be landfilled, but they can be shredded and used for an alternative fuel.  Yard waste, grass, branches, leaves are other materials which are banned from landfills/dumpsters, but can be kept separate and taken to the local compost plant for mulch or compost.

Sometimes the quantity of waste to be tossed out just doesn’t justify the cost of a large waste bin.  A dumpster can cost hundreds of dollars, whereas junk removal services can be less than $100 for small quantities of waste like a single chair or a few sacks of garbage.

Full service junk removal in davenport, Iowa eliminates the need for the customer to load their own waste and can even reduce the amount of garbage the City of Davenport needs to collect every week.  When you cal us for a junk removal job, you’ll see our crew show up to do all your heavy lifting for you.

Finally, some properties don’t have the space for a large metal dumpster or the space is better used for something else.  If your Davenport home or business is lacking a parking area or driveway, you might not bet able to sit any waste management equipment on your site.  But a junk removal crew can load your wast quickly and not take up valuable parking space once they depart.

Now when are dumpsters preferred?

Dumpster rental in Davenport, Iowa is still a viable option when certain conditions exist:

  1.  Enough waste needs to be disposed of to justify the cost of a dumpster.
  2. Space is available to spot the waste handling equipment.
  3. Tires, appliances, e waste, yard waste is not present in large quantities or other arrangements can be made to rid your project of these banned wastes.

So there you have it-  The ideas you can consider before deciding which waste management service is right for you.  Whatever you decide, we’ll be happy to be part of your Davenport, Iowa project.

Professional Waste Management Services Available In Bettendorf, Iowa

Bettendorf Dumpster

Dumpster Rental Bettendorf, Ia


Bettendorf Business Benefits From Solid Waste Removal

It’s true that business in Bettendorf, Iowa benefits from professional waste management services provided by local waste haulers.  From Arconic to Ross’ restaurant, business needs waste removal to maintain a clean environment for their customers and the community.  Most business have waste haulers empty garbage bins located in their parking lots or alleyways on a scheduled basis.  Garbage collectors use hydraulically powered front and rear loading garbage collection vehicles to empty trash bins, compact trash, and transport trash from Bettendorf to distant Iowa and Illinois landfills.

Some of Bettendorf’s larger industrial business and high volume retail or grocery stores actually use roll offs or on-site garbage compactors to handle their waste arisings.  These roll offs and compactors are then loaded onto roll off trucks, transported to landfills, and subsequently emptied and returned to the waste generators.  Again, these services are available to Bettendorf, Iowa business and are provided by both local waste haulers and waste management providers from elsewhere.

Dumpster Rental DeWitt, Iowa- Three Questions You’ll Be Asked When Renting A Dumpster In DeWitt, Ia

Dumpster Rental DeWitt Iowa

Dumpster Rental DeWitt, Iowa

Renting a dumpster for your DeWitt, Ia home or business?  Her are three questions your local waste collection company will ask you.

When you decide to rid your life of clutter by renting a dumpster in DeWitt, Ia for your home or business, your garbage company will most likely want to know three things.  First, you’ll be asked what you intend to toss into your rented container.  Local Iowa and Federal regulations prohibit the disposal of tires, e waste, liquids, yard waste, hazardous waste, petroleum products, etc from entering a sanitary landfill, so your waste hauling company can not haul these items from your location.  Additionally, some dense materials can overload dumpsters and collection vehicles, so asphalt shingles, concrete, brick, block, dirt, can not be disposed of in huge quantities in the same dumpster.  As a general rule of thumb, you’ll need to rent a 10 cubic yard dumpster to dispose of these dense materials in large quantities or the dumpster truck will no0t be able to load and transport your waste.  In sharp contrast, bulky items such as couches or chairs can take up a huge amount of container space without overloading(by weight) a rented bin.  If you’re needing to dispose a large quantities of furniture, cardboard, wood or other bulky waste, we would recommend renting a 30 yard dumpster.

The second question you’re certain to be asked is where you want your dumpster located once it arrives at your DeWitt, Ia location.  Sturdy driveways, gravel areas, city streets(where allowed by municipality), parking lots all make good places to set dumpsters. You will most likely want to locate your bin near the waste that needs to be disposed of to limit your efforts and travel distance when loading your metal container.  It’s also important to note that Landrum Disposal delivery trucks are 35 feet long and need another 15 feet or so to maneuver the bin into place, so the area needs to be somewhat open and be truck accessible.  Overhead obstructions, such as tree limbs, wires, building overhangs, etc also need to be considered.  Our roll off trucks need to raise their hoists about 20 feet into the air to unload dumpsters onto the ground, so overhead obstructions must be considered carefully.

And finally, when will you be needing the rented bin?  This seems like a simple question, but you should consider several factors before making a final decision.  Daily rental fees are charged for dumpsters sitting at a customers location for extended periods of time, so you don’t want the expensive equipment on site linger than needed.  On the flip side of the equation, you don’t want to double handle waste so the dumpster needs to be on site prior to a crew showing up to load it.  Also, we can promise a particular day for delivery, but we don’t promise an exact time.  So you might want to get your DeWitt, Iowa dumpster delivered a day in advance if your crew plans to start filling it in the morning.

So when you’re ready to rent a dumpster in DeWitt, Ia, call us at (563) 332-2555 and we’ll gladly discuss these issues with you.

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